How is the parking situation?
There is plenty of street parking available with no time limit but you have to be mindful of the street cleaning zones (there will be posted signs).
How is the public transportation?
We have a bus stop right at the corner that brings you into the Civic Center and from there you can walk to Union Square, take the subway (free for transfer), or transfer to the bus (free for transfer) $2.25 per adult, $0.75 per children/senior and free for children under 4.
Should I rent a car or use public transportation?
Having a rental isn't a bad idea (but parking is VERY expensive in the City and you are likely to get tickets for meter violations). However, the advantage of course is that you are more agil to go exploring. If you have young children I recommend a renting a car.
Are you from out of town?
If you are not from San Francisco and are planning to be a tourist, you may want to consider getting a CityPass. With CityPass, you can see the whole city, plus admission to 4 other must-see San Francisco attractions using Muni and get unlimited cable car rides. For more information please go here.
How do I check if your availability?
You can check our calendar at the Airbnb website.
How do we pay?
We accept payments through PayPal. Once the reservation has been made, we will generate an invoice and email it to you. This way you can feel at ease since you are paying on a secure website and we will not handle any of your financial information. Additionally, PayPal can handle different currencies as well as accommodate all major credit cards. You do not have to have a PayPal account.
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